Yuroz Visits Kolibri Studios to Check Progress on the Limited Edition Serigraph

We are very excited to be nearing the final stages of the serigraphy process for Dance with the Pomegranates. Yuroz checkedĀ in daily with the master printers at Kolibri Studios, where the painstaking work is being completed.

Yuroz at Kolibri Studios during printing process for Dance with the Pomegranates

Yuroz at Kolibri Studios with a few of the multiple pulls during the printing process for Dance with the Pomegranates

Serigraphs are printed on acid free 4-ply museum boards. The printing is done by using the hand-printed serigraph method. Hand printing serigraphy uses ink that has been around for a long time, guaranteeing the longevity and stability of the color of the artwork. Each print is curated by a master printer. 23k gold leaf is applied by hand at the end of the process to each individual print. Edition is limited to 75, and dimensions of the serigraph are 50″ x 32″.

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