“The Great Art Gap” by David Ferrell, Los Angeles Times Magazine


L.A. Times Magazine cover article on February 3, 2003 by David Ferrell.  Yuroz is the only other artist that was featured by this magazine’s cover story besides Andy Warhol.

“… A woman named Michelle Neild talked of a personal art collection consisting of Picasso, Mir-, Chagall, Matisse and her No. 1 favorite, Yuroz: “Nothing comes close to Yuroz in my opinion.” Another admirer, Steve Berglas, waved a hand at more than three dozen vibrant pieces hanging in the main showroom. He labeled the psychological themes unsurpassed: “Where do you find an artist who has that breadth?… ”

“… He gives so freely,” says collector Chris Schran, who has seen more than a dozen autograph seekers in line. “He works from the heart, not the pocketbook…”

“… Yuroz has no race, religion or culture connected to it…”

“… The United Nations has been tapping well-known artists for many years to create a continuing line of special commemorative stamps. Officials there reviewed hundreds of names and portfolios before selecting Yuroz to illustrate 2000’s chosen theme, immigration. “His work is stunning,” says Tony Fouracre, chief of the U.N. Postal Administration. “The canvas is absolutely fantastic… ”

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