Women in Yuroz’s Art



Basking 2015
Woman in Red Series
Oil on Canvas
76.2 x 101.6 cm
30 x 40 in

Ten years later, Yuroz emerged with Basking (2015), a second in his Woman in Red Series. Still in thought, however, the mood while reserved turns more relaxed. We see her face hinting a half-smile while she lies seductively in what seems like a private setting.

Is she in the room with her date in the middle of a visual foreplay, allowing her date to bask in her allure, with a deliberately extended torso while she twists her body imperceptibly like a cat on the prowl? Or is she alone after a promising date, savoring their amorous exchange, with her basking in her own dreamy state, looking forward to the next occasion for their tender togetherness?

Here again, Yuroz left room for us to fill in the blanks but dropped visual and mood cues to chaperon his audience to get in accord with him.