Women in Yuroz’s Art


Lost in Thoughts 2015
Mixed Media on Museum Board
101.6 x 76.2 cm
40 x 30 in

Lost in Thoughts (2015), captures a private moment of his woman with a long neck line, this time, wearing her hair in a tight bun on the side; both signature elements of Yuroz’s elegant females and a subject tackled in Part 2 of this blog series. Posed in an attitude soft and natural in effect much like in Ponder, A Woman with Her Diary and expressively characteristic, the woman in Lost in Thoughts wears the same red dress with red and white stocking —the latter—a symbol of eroticism, portraying raw passion in all of us that unleashes only in oneness with our lover or in solitude in our dreamy state.

Clutching her romantic fiction in her hand, she ponders the passage she just read and swims in the raw emotions arose by the silent medley of lovers’ tunes that only she can hear. Missing her lover, she floats back in time, reminiscing on his last visit, when his insistence to give her pleasure overpowered her, forcing her to put her book down and go from the silent words on the page into words whispered in her ecstasy.

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