Yuroz on “Symbiosis Collection” at Coral Springs Museum in Florida


Yuroz was famous for telling us stories of the human condition with his colorful paintings. As a poet he romanced us with his visual poetry and helped us appreciate the simple gifts of life and togetherness.  Through his work, we take note of the tender moments of being loved and nurtured, and being in someone’s arms feeling protected and cherished.  When we are alone, we dream about our lover, and when things are gloomy we find hope that springs eternal.  His artwork becomes a manifestation of strength of power of the human spirit, one that finds light when darkness looms, and fills in the missing piece to complete the circle of love.

Today Yuroz brings us a new collection, “Symbiosis”.  At the first glance of the collection, one would think that Yuroz has totally departed from his prior style and subject matter.  With a keen eye and heightened observations, viewers can easily see that in this new collection, Yuroz revisits his main subject again but with a new angle.  Not only did he continue to embrace his message of love to humanity, this time, he added a new dimension and brought it closer to home.

Harmony in Red   Original Oil On Canvas by Yuroz. 80" x 100" inches.

Harmony in Red   Original Oil On Canvas by Yuroz. 80″ x 100″ inches.

Through this collection of paintings, the artist expresses the symbiotic relationship between the human race and nature, where our existence is being nurtured by nature and nature’s survival is dependent on the attitude of the human race.  Very clearly, Yuroz fuses a new signature language to his already existing rich multi-color library and styles, transferring the entirety of his inventive attitude towards the creation of this new collection through boundless experimenting with new mediums and expressions.

Yuroz explains, “I would like viewers to pause their thoughts when viewing this collection of work.  There is not a focal point in any of these paintings.  For those of us who could not quiet our minds and may continue to struggle to find the narratives in this collection, after a while, we would simply give up as we feel exhausted, simply because there are truly no narratives to be found. It is only at the point that our minds would finally settle on nothingness and the doors of our emotions open up to us. By trusting the power of these visual poems, we begin to transform ourselves in the abstraction of our feelings, to deliver us personally in accord with nature’s orders and connect with our inner sanctum of harmony and serenity.”

Dancing Trees Original oil on canvas by Yuro 60" x 82" inches.

Dancing Trees Original oil on canvas by Yuro 60″ x 82″ inches.

Yuroz continues, “Human beings are very complex and sensitive creatures.  Simple coloration of each painting, a tone of green, blue, or pink allows me to have an impact on viewers’ emotions.  It is also important to point out that all these colors are the colors of human chakras.  As we stand in front of each color for a couple of minutes, with open senses, we would feel the vibration of energy in us.  Our breathing changes and our chest opens up.  Some of us would even feel tingles on our skin.  The visual stimulation by the different colors activates our energy centers which impacts our body, our mind and our soul.  This collection is a visual documentary of my personal transformational relationship with nature, a journey I attempt to share with my viewers in my work.”

Intersect Collection. Comp. 01 M.M. on Panel48” x 72”

Intersect Collection. Comp. 01 M.M. on Panel 48” x 72”

Yuroz never ceases to amaze his audience in his ability to invent and reinvent himself in order to bring us fresh interpretations of fundamental subjects, in this case, one that is as old as the relationship between human and our surroundings.  By using semi-abstract shapes, Yuroz keeps our attention in the realm of the new reality which is everywhere, independent from us but intertwined with our existence.

“I believe it is an incredibly uplifting journey, something we can only experience when we allow ourselves to feel and we trust to engage.  It is not only the energy in my painting but also how much viewers are open to sense what I paint.  When the connection happens… it is truly magical…” Yuroz explained.

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