Grammy Awards Official Artist, Yuroz, released a series of paintings to pay tribute to musicians

“When one art form inspires another, it sparks creativity and gives meaning to what we do as artists,” says Yuroz. 

Yuroz was the official artist for the 35th Annual Grammy Awards for National Academy of Recording Arts and Science. As a tribute to the musicians and composers, he released a series of drawings, “The Musicians”, to thank them for sharing the voice of their souls. A music lover and a flautist, Yuroz dedicates the contrast between the sharp lines and the sensual curves, and the harmony between the shades in this series to the rhythm and tunes these music professionals have gifted to our world.

In Yuroz’s ICONO collection (a series of paintings on museum boards and canvases with 23 karat gold leaf finish inspired by European, Byzantine and Russian iconography), Yuroz captures tender moments we experience with our loved ones and remind us of the joy when we spend time in solitude in a creative mode.  Guitar and music are core in the symbolism of these luxurious paintings.

The best way to appreciate an artist’s classical skills is to view his charcoal drawings as there is no redo’s and no way to cover up mistakes. Here are a couple of larger works for your viewing pleasure.

Acrylics are probably the most versatile in the world of colors.  Acrylics on paper adds texture depending on the paper grade although Yuroz only paints on museum boards. Oil on canvas is the most coveted in art collecting. In the following series, the artist shares his creative trance in his signature cubist and playful impasto styles. Held up by critics as the contemporary cubist master of his time, these are heirloom pieces where art and music together express that which cannot be said and of which is impossible to silent.

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