The Making of “Lovers’ Embrace” – How it’s done

From sketches to line drawings to studies to final composition, every image in this Romantic Impasto Collection went through a progression of steps.  We followed Yuroz around in the making of the Lovers’ Embrace and took some behind the scenes snapshots to share.  Hope you enjoy viewing the progression of this beautiful painting.

“Painting with a knife is fast-paced, exciting and fun but I still stick to my training and my daily regimen. Sketching is a painter’s warm up exercise but that is where new ideas are represented for the first time. Using just a pencil to repeatedly sketch the same ideas, that’s how we perfect our compositions and designs. Sometimes I would go through 20, 30 or 40 sketches before I am happy to proceed. I am often asked by collectors how I know when to stop sketching. Honestly, I can’t really tell. I just feel it,” explained Yuroz. “I would work on a study and depending on how I feel about that, I may do another one, and another one before I work with larger canvases. Impasto with oil on canvas is no different but the feeling of pushing paint and rolling a flat metal surface around to create the color, texture and style is very addictive,” Yuroz noted.

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